Hindsight is a wonderful thing

We apply historical and real time business data to our prescriptive applications to ensure your people make effective decisions, take efficient actions and avoid costly mistakes.

Key benefits

Our unique approach provides an environment of continuous applied learning. Ensuring your operation remains efficient & effective


Resource Optimisation




Remote Monitoring

Using our machine learning algorithms on historical and real-time data sets we are able to predict when events are likely to occur and then schedule the most effective (based on qualifications/ locations etc) resources for these jobs.’ 

Emergency Services Asset Optimisation

Output increased by 18%. 
Analysis of three years worth of call centre data allowed us to predict when and where
accidents would happen.
This enabled the client to deploy their assets more efficiently.

Additional data sets will enhance the solution, including traffic, weather and hospital queues.




Prescriptive forecasting


Route Optimisation


Critical Path Determination

Welfare Services Asset Optimisation

A Route optimisation and asset scheduling solution that automatically calculates the
optimal daily service schedule.
The solution is producing circa 13%-17% cost savings in time/distance travelled
and equivalent % savings in fuel costs.





Prescriptive forecasting


Asset & Resource Scheduling


Reduced Capital Expenditure


Home Maintenance Asset Optimisation

A boiler repair and maintenance company was able to increase productivity by 7%,
reduce travel distance by 23% and improve SLA from 53% to 92%